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All the books below I have read - some of them twice. In terms of pure shipping - if you read the three books listed below - you will understand 80% of how all this works. Boom and bust with enough egos to capsize the Jahre Viking.  The Stopford book can be somewhat text book like, but - for all the data contained therein - it is must read if you want a solid foundation within the shipping world. I have read it twice.


The Shipping Man - Matthew McCleery
Maritime Economics - Martin Stopford 
The Life and Times of Ari Onassis - Peter Evans 

Trading and Finance and Wall Street

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefevre
The Big Short - Michael Lewis
Liar’s Poker - Michael Lewis
Pit Bull - Martin “Buzzy” Schwartz
When Genuis Failed - Roger Lowenstien
Rogue Trader - Nick Leeson
Market Wizards - Jack Schwager (this is a series) 
The Complete Turtle Trader - Michael Covel 
Flash Boys - Michael Lewis 
Dark Pools - Scott Pattterson 
The Quants - Scott Patterson 
Den of Thieves - James Stewart 
The Predators Ball - Connie Bruck 
The Greatest Trade Ever - Gregory Zuckerman