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Great Sources of information are listed below. All told - anyone looking to do modeling and/or regression analysis - the Clarksons SIN system is the gold standard - but, it is subscription based. I believe they offer free trials. The data they provide is vast and valuable.  That said - some other sources I have relied on in the past can be found here:

IEA - free site that gives you free access to their monthly publication and tables (after a two week delay).
EIA - free site for oil and energy from the US Gov’t.  Vast data, but cumbersome and annoying to navigate.
BP Statistical Review -  a ton of oil and energy related historical data - in spreadsheet form.
OPEC -  Vast reports and data, though I don’t use this site as much as the above sites.
Tradewinds - a shipping “daily” with news of all things shipping, but it’s a pay site. 
Shipping Watch - similar to Tradewinds, a “daily” with all things shipping.  Pay site.
Commodore Research - dry bulk guru Jeffrey Landsberg writes weekly on dry bulk and China.  Fee based.