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Dave Walker

Dave started out in the steamy depths of a British tanker engine-room in the late 70s. After a few years of deep sea voyages, he found his way to Canada in the engine-room of a Handy, stuck his head out one day, and thought the place seemed nice. (Of course, winter hadn’t set in yet.)  After a stint in the Great Lakes bulk trade, post-maritime experience saw him spending a decade or three in operations and maintenance in the gold-mining and other resource-based fields.

Along the way, studying the convolutions of the shipping and commodity industries seemed a logical progression.  He can be found hanging around the Great Lakes, dispensing occasional gems of research and analysis wisdom. He aggregates maritime and commodity news on the @SuperiorMar Twitter feed.


George Glass - Imaginary Editor

George graduated from the United States Merchant Marine at Kings Point, NY in June 1989 with a degree in Marine Transportation.  He sailed on US flagged tankers for five years, carrying chemicals, refined products and crude oil - and obtained his Unlimited Masters license in January of 1995.  He began his shoreside career with Stolt-Nielsen in their demurrage and operations department before returning to school.  In 1999 he graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance and International Business.  He spent 8 years as a tanker broker in both Connecticut and Houston before joining Imarex in June 2007, where he served as VP of Research and Marketing and for both dry bulk and tanker shipping.  He now studies supply/demand curves and bulk shipping cycles within the tanker business. 

Ships served on:

Exxon New Orleans         Dec 1986-March 1987
President Harrison          March 1987-May 1987
Mason Lykes                   Dec 1987-March 1988
Energy Independence    March 1988-May 1988
OMI Columbia                 Nov 1989-March 1990
OMI Dynacom                 June 1990-Nov 1990
Richard Mathiesen          Jan 1991-April 1991
Frances Hammer            June 1991-Nov 1991
Frances Hammer            Jan 1992-May 1992
Frances Hammer            Nov 1992-April 1993
Frances Hammer            July 1993-Nov 1993
Frances Hammer            Dec 1993-April 1994
Samuel L Cobb              Aug 1994-Nov 1994


Senior Editor - Mike Reardon

Mike began his professional career as a lead singer in various southern rock bands in his early 20s. His hard driving, whiskey-soaked vocals made him quite popular on the live music circuit. He regularly wowed crowds at the legendary Fillmore East – and of course his home away from home, Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. After tiring of the constant touring and hardscrabble existence, he traded in his cowboy hats, black and white, for a sextant and began a career at sea. Though only a deck hand upon signing articles on his first voyage, he soon discovered now commonly used navigation methods such as great circle sailing and GPS. In 1992 he was credited as the first person to circumnavigate the globe wearing a Mookie Wilson jersey. In 1994, after reading Conrad’s “Lord Jim”, Mike lost his affinity for life at sea and began a shore side career working side by side with chemical tanker legends Jim Byrne, Brian Van Aken and John Bailey. The knowledge overload took its toll, however, and Mike moved to the Garden District in New Orleans, where he currently resides at 711 Fern St. When he is not marketing FFAs to unsuspecting widows and orphans, he fills his spare time writing shipping blogs, regularly bowling 10 perfect frames at Rock and Bowl, and playing honky-tonk piano at the Maple Leaf bar on Oak St.