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About This Site - Simple Version

The site has been primarily designed to provide shipping intelligence and information to those looking to trade shipping equities. The second purpose is to educate those looking to learn more about bulk shipping.

The Yahoo chat rooms are one source of info - but they are also a source of mayhem and stupidity - thereby limiting the upside to what had the potential to be a brilliant resource. Most other sources are usually password protected - or - limited to those with access to either shipping analysts at banks or ship broker reports. I am in the forutnate position to have decent access to shipping information and knowledge.

I recall well all the people that helped me along the way - so - this site is a way of putting that value back into the system. My co-editor Dave has probably put more effort into the site than I have.  He kept it going for years while I simply didn’t have the time or mindset to help out.  So - I am gratefull to him for keeping the site alive as long as he did.  And you should all thank him to.

Lastly - we hope to bring back our t-shirt crowd - and maybe even the weekly news with Mandy and Megan. It’s a lot of effort - but we want to make the Ton Mile brand name great once again.